Chocolate Terrarium/ Matcha Green Tea With Ginger Chocolate Mousse, Buttermilk Chocolate Cake And Yuzu Dew Drops

Creative Edge/ The Egg Café

We are Creative Edge and we believe food should be simple and brilliant.

So we bring you The Egg – Design Miami’s exclusive cafe. A simple design object and a brilliant ingredient. We approached the idea of developing a cafe at Design Miami/ the way we approach entertaining, as a collaboration between Chef/ food and food/design. Cuisine is not a singular idea but a coming together of innovative concepts and diverse cultures. With this in mind, owner/ creative director Carla Ruben tapped Los Angeles Chef Flynn McGarry alongside our celebrated Creative Edge Chefs to create a special menu that honors Design Miami/. Ruben has been called a food visionary for her ability to combine her culinary expertise with her impeccable vision to execute flawless experiences.

“First and foremost, I believe that food creates an immediate response,” says Carla Ruben, “which is why I place so much importance on both presentation and taste.”

Creative Edge has been the cornerstone of New York City entertaining for over 25 years. Most recently we have  expanded with the  opening of our new South Florida catering and events division and our 10,000 square foot Creative  Edge Parties Design Lab. We never stop innovating. The Egg – a new approach to edible innovation – now at Design  Miami/ and launching 2016 in the Miami Design District.