Design With Company

Airbnb/ Belong. Here. Now.

 In a world that constantly chases what’s next, it’s easy to look past the reward of what’s now. At Design Miami/, Airbnb invites you to stop, to look around, to take it all in.

To Belong. Here. Now.

Created by Design With Company, this 5,000 square foot open space will harness the power of place and time to deliver moments of belonging for all those willing to engage. Acting as a piece of urban theater, the space will invite guests to become part of the evolving performance. Unpredictable occurrences that feel personally curated—some intimate and some spectacular—will be hosted by our rotating community of creatives in this open space of ongoing exchange. And in between each moment, there will be comfortable space to retreat, to connect with others, to soak in the inspiration.

As a living space, Belong. Here. Now. will tell new stories throughout the week—personal, collective, serendipitous. And the only thing guests must do to be rewarded with this belonging is to be here… and be present.

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