UNBUILT:  Design Miami/ Harvard GSD Pavilion

In a collaboration between Design Miami/ and Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), the UNBUILT pavilion champions unrealized designs that would otherwise never see the light of day.

The student team behind this year’s pavilion commission highlights important manifestations of their emerging skills, research, and design imagination by featuring a range of experimental and speculative projects designed by members of the GSD community.

A canopy of 3D models milled by the students welcomes visitors at the entrance to Design Miami/. These unrealized designs are suspended on a series of steel supports and appear as a constellation from afar, coming into clarity upon approach.

The pavilion offers visitors the opportunity to explore a wide array of student projects, from the practical to the fantastical, while providing welcome shade.

UNBUILT was selected by a jury of Harvard GSD faculty and Design Miami/ representatives through a school-wide competition open to all Harvard GSD students. The winning team is made up of Master in Architecture students Joanne Cheung, Jenny Shen, Steven Meyer, Doug Harsevoort, and Yiliu Shen-Burke. The team is advised by GSD faculty and staff members Luis Callejas (architect), Hanif Kara (engineer), Dan Borelli (exhibitions director), and Benjamin Prosky (Assistant Dean).