The Storefront/ Jonathan Gonzalez
Design Miami/ 2015

Giovanni Beltran presents The Storefront by Jonathan Gonzalez

Looking to rethink how galleries present design work, Jonathan Gonzalez looks at the curio as a total design piece. This total composition imagines the booth as a “retail” storefront. The penetrable facade allows the gallery to present the work both as individual crafted objects and as a humorous critique of “retail”. The Storefront is composed of seven individual furniture pieces and objects of design.

Each piece selected for this show deals with minimalist geometric form, uprooted by intricate, crafted detailing. In the same way that many of  the pieces have contradictory or multiple ways of engaging with them, that binary exists in the play between simplicity and totally crafted. Pieces that are both serious and playful, juxtaposing a vibrant color theory and finish with beautiful organic/raw materials. Wonderfully aware and engaged with colloquial aesthetics the pieces
look to elevate themselves beyond their origins to be understood as serious moves in design.

Giovanni Beltran is a Miami-based design agency founded in 2015 by the gallery Guccivuitton. As Guccivuitton we have been engaged with the cultural and material vernaculars embedded within artistic practices in South Florida since 2013. Giovanni Beltran maintains our interest in colloquial aesthetics to include the development and promotion of furniture, design and architecture.